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Ten flavors pu-erh mini tuo selection

Ten flavors pu-erh mini tuo selection
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Ten flavors pu-erh mini tuo selection
Reference : PU-001
Ten flavors Yunnan pu-erh tea mini tuo (4-5g) selection wrapped in ethnic fabric bags. Fifty mini tuo (5 of each flavor) for a total weight of 250g of tea by bag. Age 1-2 years, shelf life: as long as possible like a good wine. flavors: natural ripe pu-erh tea, lotus leaves ripe pu-erh tea, semnostachya menglaensis ripe pu-erh tea, rose ripe pu-erh tea, chrysanthemum ripe pu-erh tea, senna ripe pu-erh tea, black and ripe pu-erh teas, jasmine ripe pu-erh tea, natural raw pu-erh tea, lotus leaves raw pu-erh tea.
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